AABIOM Mission Statement

The American Audiology Board of Intraoperative Monitoring (AABIOM) is recognized by the American Speech-Language-Association (ASHA) as a legally independent, subspecialty entity in the profession of audiology. The AABIOM serves to ensure the provision of clinical intraoperative monitoring and interpretation services (IOM) to referring surgeons, health care facilities and their respective patients, by licensed and competent audiologists who demonstrate a broad fund of knowledge, advanced clinical training and particular clinical expertise in the subspecialty field of IOM. As such, the AABIOM directs and oversees a professional level subspecialty credentialing process, the end goal of which is specialty board recognition certifying an audiologist as having met specific educational, experiential and clinical competency standards. The credentialing process also involves the successful completion of a written examination, addressed to the provision of clinical practice in IOM , and the contemporaneous interpretation of neuromonitoring data for direct dissemination to any and all members of the surgical, anesthesia, medical, and/or operating room support staff. AABIOM specialty certification also serves as a quality assurance indicator for competent clinical service provision and qualified professional , real-time data interpretation by audiologists practicing intraoperative monitoring. This will serve insurance carriers, governmental agencies, professional organizations, health care facilities, credentialing bodies and legal professionals.


What is the Value of Specialty Board Certification in IOM for an Audiologist?

Surgeons, patients, credentialing bodies, health care facilities and employers can be assured that the audiologist who has achieved AABIOM board certification in IOM possesses specialized education, training and experience beyond that required for entry into the general profession (e.g., Ph.D., Au.D.) as well as the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology [CCC-A]. Board certified audiologists in IOM possess an advanced understanding in this sub-specialty in audiology. They have met rigorous educational, practice and examination requirements and are required to maintain their board certification by demonstration of ongoing continuing education, ethical professional standing and valid licensure to practice.


Thank you to Cadwell Laboratories

The AABIOM Board would like to thank Cadwell Laboratories for their generous support. Funding from Cadwell has helped offset the start-up costs for the new board. Click here to view Cadwell's website.